Liberation Through Sound

I woke up like a bat out of hell this morning. Lots of coffee and The Stooges. This was supposed to be a lazy day of doing side project activity, but now I’m bouncing off the walls and feel like getting fucking crazy (In the most liberating, non violent way possible). That’s the spirit that burns inside me, high and hot, that has been broken. This life is soooo streamlined. So, so streamlined; like a Mitt Romney corporation. I just want to throw a stick in the spokes, man… I created a life living in my own construct, but it’s still within ‘their’ construct and their(Banks, government, “patriarchy”) involvement casts an ominous dark cloud over any self sustaining freedom manifested through years of rebellion. I figured out a way to co-exist in the man’s existence, because his existence is sure as fuck is not my existence. However, at any given time, I feel like the rug can be pulled… and I’m not down with that. That’s where my drive comes from. The problem with free thinking is that it leads to the desire for free action, and the man is not having that. So, here’s a message from the Spacemen 3. One in which I agree with and a message that details what Infinite Spin is all about.  – WilliAm


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