REVIEW: Sons of Zöku “Luz // Paralysed EP”

SONS OF ZÖKU have crafted a great mix of new age psych rock and ethereal raga in their latest track drop. The first track, ‘Luz’, pulls from predecessors like The Black Angels and Temples to name a few, with beautifully placed audio of birds floating in a sea of reverb that encourages the listener to increase the volume and emerge oneself in the sonic landscape that has been formed. The following track, ‘Paralysed’, comes roaring in with no hesitation pulling you further into a wall of rhythm that urges you to get off your ass and groove. These can easily be played on repeat without a care. Australia based groovers began their sound-scaping in 2018 and have a clear vision and direction for their attack on our ears. They are definitely a group the psych world should not sleep on. These two singles as well as the previous two, ‘Dead Poets’ and ‘Sleepless’ (available on Bandcamp) are definitely leaving me with excitement for whats to come.
~ R.Koster

Available for download. PLAY IT LOUD, AND PLAY IT OFTEN.
Purchase Here

Sons of Soku are:
Ricardo Da Silva – Vocals, Guitar, Sitar, Drums.
Ica Quintela – Woodwind, Keys, Percussion.
Jordan Buck – Bass.

Recorded by Jeremy Glover at The Glove Factory.
Mixed by Sons Of Zöku & Jeremy Glover at The Glove Factory.
Mastered by Rick O’Neil at Turtle Rock Mastering.

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