REVIEW: White Manna – “ARC”

White Manna’s 7th full length album ARC was carved out of the seemingly quiet head space. Formed from the parts of the human mind that lay low most often only to build up and burn bright just when you need it most. Crafted within the introspective ruminations, giving the group full reign to explore an inward fire of improvisation and impulse within them. White Manna still sails on the heavy fuzzed and reverb waters, surrounded by sparse ghostly vocals while the screaming sax acts as a meditative siren luring you into unknown chaotic territories. All in all, ARC is an amazing body of work that definitely deserves attention. I highly recommend giving it a spin. – Ryan

Released on Vinyl through Centripetal Force Records in conjunction with Cardinal Fuzz (UK/Europe) on August 28th, 2020.
Pick your copy up today HERE for U.S. and HERE for UK/Europe.

White Manna – ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ – “ARC” (Centripetal Force Records/Cardinal Fuzz, 2020)

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