REVIEW: Korb – “Korb II”


Dark driving pulse coursing through your veins as you hurl through the void in between stars and lost planets. Korb continues where they left off with “Korb II”, another mysterious flight into hypnotic rhythms glued together with fuzzy synth drones and warped guitar waves. If I had to choose an album this year so far to act as backing music while I slay through my Sci-Fi book collection, this would be it. I find myself impulsively reaching over to the volume knob and turning it up a little more every minute or so until the sound has overtaken my space. “Korb II” embodies an epic tale of vast proportions drawing you further and further into these dimensions they have begun to build from their first release. I want to see Korb and John Carpenter perform together…yeah, that would be a night to remember. You’re hearing it from us here at Infinite Spin, Korb will be a group you will want to keep tabs on for many years to come. – Ryan

The full LP will be dropping on September 30th, 2020 on Weird Beard Records. 250 limited edition splatter vinyl and the first 50 copies with will be hand numbered and include a signed CD, so don’t snooze on this one. More from Korb Here:

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