REVIEW: Barringtone – “Bonanza Plan”

Self-proclaimed as an “explosion of disjointed and angular math rock mayhem”, Barringtone is much much more than what most perceive as Math Rock. Barringtone’s Bonanza Plan is pure energetic technical pop madness that is not afraid to show some grit. Often times bands in similar realms tend to throw past musical happenings to the wayside and try to do something “never been done” and subsequently fall short, not Barringtone. Any versed music freak can tell these artists have a love for music from past eras and have built upon what has been laid down. Their well crafted compositions cover so much ground, all the while holding together as a singular solid piece of work. One minute you’re off bobbing your head, flying high on brightly colored skies and next thing you know they’ve caught you off guard landing onto raw heavy waves and then blasting straight back up. Pick up a copy of Bonanza Plan, put in the device of your choice, turn it up, and hold on tight because you’re not going to know where it’s going to take you. Don’t forget your seat belt.

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*Released 8/21/2020 on Onomatopoeia Records

Barringtone – ‘Dreamboyz’ – “Bonanza Plan” (Onomatopeoia Records, 2020) 

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