REVIEW: Sweet Country Meat Boys – “Anhedonia”

(Self-released 2020)

Anhedonia means the inability to feel pleasure. What an awful existence that would be. I wouldn’t be able to feel the pleasure I have listening to this damn fine set of songs the Meat Boys have conjured up out in the sweet country! Anhedonia is a 3 song EP Recorded at The Creek Studios in Morehead, KY. in November of 2019. Pulling through shadowed crevices of dark heavy swirls, interjections of soft melodies drill into your head. The simplistically beautiful guitar hooks are catchy and punch through the waves of introspective doom that is blanketed throughout. If you’re a fan of heavy music of any kind you will get down to this. I am thoroughly excited for whatever these goons have coming up over the horizon. Sweet Country Meat Boys’ ‘Anhedonia’ is easily a volume blaster! A physical release date is not set yet but is coming soon. They are also, in the works of filming a music video currently, so be on the lookout for more content. Click the link below for more jams by these dudes!
Aaron Todd on guitar, Alex Parkansky on bass, Jonathan Modaff on drums/production.

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Sweet Country Meat Boys – ‘Floor Bones’ – “Anhedonia” (Self-Released, 2020)