REVIEW: Moths & Locusts – “Exoplanets”

Moths & Locusts’ “Exoplanets” exhumes deep seeded darkness that flows over you like a raging black river mysteriously calming your state of mind. Rhythmic pulses for your heart, synth sweeps that your ears crave, and fuzzed guitar that weighs on your brain. A multitude of listeners can get down with this LP. If you dig Doom, Psychedelic, Prog, Psych Folk, and anything in between you’ll want to get your hands on this album. I can definitely see this in contention for our top 30 albums of 2020. Favorite tracks so far: ‘Avulsion (2020 Remix)’ and ‘Exoplanets’. Released in Vinyl with limited runs of both CD and Cassette on Friday 10/30 12pm GMT on Weird Beard Records.
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