REVIEW: The Janitors – “Noisolation Vol. 1”

The Janitors – “Noisolation Vol. 1” 

Official release: 11/13/2020 on Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records on transparent blue vinyl.  

 A psychedelic journey through the swirling pit of madness solitude births; Vast darkness. Mania riddled vibrational resonance, safe space enveloped in drone, a cure for the sick by way of heavy fuzz and distortion. An eerie rhythmic foundational pulse invites us in, but with nowhere to go. You are here and The Janitors are immersing one in a foretelling synth-a-sphere. A voice, a scream in a plea from the bowels of hell: “Where is your God now?” You’re on your way. We’re all on our way. A story once told now doomed to infinite repeat. There’s no way out. All hope is lost. It’s only you …and nobody cares. However, we all have a friend in Sweden’s The Janitors. 

“Noisolation Vol. 1,” …it’s kind of like that. 

The 6 tracks flow one into the next creating a perpetual dark ambiance and ends with a fantastically grim interpretation of Joy Division’s ‘Isolation,’ leaving, somewhere, Ian Curtis smiling. As far as a prototypical favorite track hype? No dice. This entire album is a banger of Biblical dark psychedelic drone bliss proportion and should be listened to in full sequence.

William G

Track List:
1. Through The Storm Into Chaos

2. High On God

3. Indifferent State

4. Thing Is Rising

5. The Mind Is A Terrible Thing

6. Isolation

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