REVIEW: Tambourinen – ‘Wooden Flower’

Tambourinen – “Wooden Flower”

Official VINYL release: 11/13/2020 on Centripetal Force records on limited black vinyl.  *Originally released on cassette (100 copies) through Avant-Unity Music in May of 2020.

Grant Beyschau – drummer for The Myrrors – delivers a pastoral and meandering pathway to the evermore with “Wooden Flower.” Opening with a signature rhythm; Tambourinen will draw quick resemblance to the now fortified Myrrors soundscape synonymous with both existential ponderings and transcendental bliss. While similarities to that project lay rightfully so, this album moves away and over as Beyschau provides all writing/instrumentation with “Wooden Flower” leaving in it’s wake a beautiful meditative drone psych out.

WIlliam G.

Track Listing:

  1. Wooden Flower
  2. Wollensak
  3. Power To
  4. The People

Connect with Tambourninen through Centripetal Force’s bandcamp here: Tambourninen Wooden Flower

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