REVIEW: – VanishingLines – “No Replacement Found”

VanishingLines – “No Replacement Found”

Out now on “green” vinyl at Little Cloud Record and officially released on 10/30/2020

2020 delivers to us another chilling must have:

A reach into darkness that engulfs with swirling waves of drone. Walls of noise that pierce through your psyche, entrancing as rhythms from the netheregions come to take you away to a space that lies well beyond the depths. If madness made a sound, it would sonically vibrate, “No Replacement Found.”

Bandleader, Ian Smith, and cohort Jake Taylor, summon Stephen Lawrie – the master of conveying darkness through noise and distortion with the iconic Telescopes – to bring in his death drum percussion already adding to a sound best described as beautifully haunting.  

– William G.

Track titles:

1. plague dog

2. denazification

3. mag d’sars

4. comber storker

5. Ships

6. low

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