REVIEW: Black Helium – “Wholly Other”

Black Helium – “The Wholly Other”

Out now on Vinyl & Compact Disc through Riot Season Records and officially released on 7/24/2020

“The Wholly Other”, where Mysterium awaits. A mystical experience pulling you further into existentialism with each weighted strike of the string. A conjuring of divine presence to place judgement upon you and arouse awe-inspiring emotions. Escape the rat race of life and tune out to heavy rhythms and thought provoking dark psych rock. The ethos of psychedelic rock spans the spectrum of human emotions and the darker side is evident in this collection with it’s conceptually deep content and tones. The Black Helium have no bounds and fear no direction, whether it be melodic vocal structures, hypnotic repetition, or dense distortion of guitars. “Death is the ultimate trip”, ride it blindly.
– R.Koster

Track Listing:
1. Hippie On A Slab
2. Two Masters
3. Death Station of The Goddess
4. One Way Trip
5. Pink Bolt
6. Teetering On The Edge

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