REVIEW – Lastryko – “Limbo”

Lastryko – “Limbo”
Out on “Crystal Clear” Vinyl through Necio Records. Official Release Date: 7/3/2020

Calm and collected ethereal waves emanate from their finger tips. Polands’ Lastryko have carved out a groove that is totally their own with jazzed rhythmic psyche rock that yearns to be played on repeat. When you fully immerse yourself into Limbo, you are not in control, the compositions will dictate your mood but do not fear the loss of control, it is bliss. I absolutely love when a band includes well played reverbed saxophone in combination with psyched out synth. Each individual part comes together so well on top of some stellar percussion. If you need some amazing grooves to pull your head straight I highly recommend you check this album out as soon as possible.

Track Listing:
1. C•A
2. Firmament
3. 8 kropel
4. Limbo•
5. Limbo••
6. Limbo•••
7. ••••

Lastryko – Gdynia, Poland
Recorded by Szymon Swoboda @Vintage Records Porażyn
Mixed by The Norman Conquest
Mastered by John McBain @JPM Mastering
Artwork by Monika Reut
Layout and typography by Adam Bejnarowicz @Muzykografika

Connect With Lastryko Here: Lastryko Bandcamp
Purchase Album Here: Necio Records

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