REVIEW: Psychiatric Metaphors – “Body Snatchers”

Psychiatric Metaphors – “Body Snatchers”
Self-Released on bandcamp: 01/09/2021

Psychiatric Metaphors have come out of 2020 with a head full of inner static made of anxiety, angst and the sheer will to exorcise the restless demons. Body Snatchers shows a culmination of sounds from past albums all the while pushing forward into new sonic territories. I love the experimentation with different instruments and rhythms that Taylor is bringing into this latest album. “Hotel radiation had a strict concept, so, for Body Snatchers I just let the album form as I wrote the songs. It was definitely the least planned album I’ve done, and the songs were formed more from jamming and improv than the others.” – Sam Taylor

Psych Punk is NOT dead and this is a perfect example that any art form can evolve into something that is refreshing and separates itself from it’s predecessors. Ultimately, you can’t pigeon hole these sounds in this album because it pulls from many corners. Similar tones to “Fall In Line” by Mind Spiders but with more exploratory rhythms, more mental turmoil and heavier distortions. Also, if you dig early Wand (Ganglion Reef/Golem) and ORB’s 2017 release “Singularity” then you will most definitely get down to this. Check out Body Snatchers and past albums by Psychiatric Metaphors by hitting the link below.

Track Listing:
1. City Lights
2. Aphids in the Freezer
3. Body Snatchers
4. Anxiety Attack
5. Please Don’t Sniff / The Knives
6. Disorder (Relief)
7. Carry On
8. Nervous Centipede
9. Revolution (Spacemen 3)
10. Joints Collapsing

*All songs written, Recorded, and Produced by Sam Taylor

Connect with Psychiatric Metaphors Here: Psychiatric Metaphors Bandcamp

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