REVIEW: Los Acidos – “Los Acidos”

Los Acidos – “Los Acidos” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Out on Limited Gatefold Edition Orange Splatter Vinyl through Necio Records.
Official Release Date: 09/18/2020 (Original release date: Self-Release, 2016)

El sol de los cítricos está sobre nosotros, ¡deja que brille en tu alma! Los Acidos han manifestado sonidos de ondas radicales que moverán tu cuerpo y pondrán tu mente en trance. (The citrus sun is upon us, let it glow into your soul! Los Acidos have manifested sounds of radical waves that will move your body and put your mind in a trance.) The album is full of reverbed synths and organs paired with groovy rhythms and melodic vocal deliveries. Reminiscent of groups like The Asteroid #4 (the track ‘Rukma Vimana‘ comes to mind) and The Dolly Rocker Movement. A grand continuation of classic 60s sunshine psych with a twist, Peru’s Los Acidos originally released their self-titled album out in 2016 as a self-released CD. Since it’s original release it has been put out by a handful of small labels, most notably the most recent 2020 release by Necio Records as a gatefold sleeve and amazing orange and black splatter vinyl. Truly exemplifying and presenting it as a beautiful piece to own and spin often.

Track Listing:
1. Viajes
2. Al otro lado
3. Excentricidad
4. Paseo
5. Jinete Psicodélico
6. Blusas
7. Perfume fantasma
8. El habla
9. Espejos
10. Empatía de cristal

Miguel Piermarini - Voice, Guitar, Harmonica
Sebastian Gentile - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Choirs
Javier Foppiano - Drums. Percussion
Santiago Rodriguez - Bass (Cesar Tullio on the album)
Rocío Rodriguez - Choirs in Empatía de cristal
Mixed by Leandro Peirano and Los Acidos
Cover Art: Lex Percepied (Phantom Cat)

Connect with Los Acidos Here: Los Acidos Bandcamp / Los Acidos Facebook
Purchase Album Here: Necio Records Bandcamp

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