REVIEW: Beauty Hunters – “Animal Magmatism”

Beauty Hunters – “Animal Magmatism”
Out on Limited Edition Orange Marble Vinyl through Weird Beard Records. Release “Coming Soon”.

Synth based theatrical compositions pulled directly from the main frame of a highly technological research vessel, lost hurling through the far reaches of the galaxy. Beauty Hunters, Mudhoney’s Guy Maddison, Sean Hollowell (Steel Wool) and Curt Buchberger (Solid Statesmen) are strapped in and have set course to the dark void of the universe. With their hands on the controls they envelope your ears with ambient soundscapes and electronic ethereal fog, sure to make you question if we’re alone in the universe.
This being their second release following their 2020 release “Muscle Memory” which is also available in very limited quantities through Weird Beard & Dirty Knobby Records.

“This release is a limited run of 250 copies with the first 50 copies coming with a highly collectable blotter art rendition of the sleeve artwork. Printed on chlorine free paper with vegetable inks and using an offset lithograph printing press, these are as authentic as you can get.” – Weird Beard

Track Listing:
1. Olympics – 17:54
2. St. Helens – 21:59

Connect with Beauty Hunters Here: Facebook / Bandcamp
Purchase Album Here: Weird Beard Records

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