Shem- II (Clostridium Records)

	The German five piece band Shem are back with their 2nd album.  Long songs again and starting off with Descension. It has a motorik beat and is quite hypnotic with the same repeated guitar line for quite some time. 

Side B (Night) starts with a heavier riff but also repetitive with some swirly, sounds and other things going on in the background that you really have to listen to.  After a minute, the main riff becomes more intense as the bass and drums start to push the track. This is an intense track and this ringing sound and cool wah phased out guitar is pretty awesome. It gets really tripped out and spaced out while the bass and drums just keep it going.. The guitar is mixed pretty in your face!!!  Wow.. The last track, Fall, begins more relaxed and the instruments noodle about and search for the theme. The spacey synths really take the lead on this one compared to the guitar and they are trippy!!

Alexander Gallagher – Guitars
Joel Boye – Guitars
Tobias Brendel – Bass
Alex Meese – Synthesizers
Benjamin Maier – Drums

Recorded between September 2017 and February 2018
at Matti’s Space, Stuttgart-Weilimdorf.

Mixed by Alexander Gallagher.
Mastered at Eroc’s Mastering Ranch.
Artwork by Alexander Gallagher and Benjamin Maier.
Released by Clostridium Records.
Thanks to everyone who made this record possible!
Released March 5, 2021

1. Decension – 14:42
2. Night – 6:26
3. Fall – 19:26

Connect with Shem Here: Shem Bandcamp
Purchase Album Here: Infinite Spin Records

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