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Submission guidelines:

To increase your chances of getting exposure on Infinite Spin Radio,
understand these guidelines:

First and foremost we don’t want to upset or offend anyone but this is a passion project for us and we need to be honest with ourselves and with that we will only review and play what we really love and we feel fits within our program. If you want to send us your release shoot us an email to introduce yourself.

  • Digital submissions will qualify for review only NOT FOR AIRPLAY.
  •  We are a physical media only show. We love vinyl, so feel free to send it in. Full albums, EP’s or Singles, it’s all good.
  • If we like your submission and you would like to send us your album we will provide the shipping address via email.    
  • When you submit your release please tell us about yourself and the project. Such as inspiration, composition, instrumentation, meaning, recording/production, etc.  
  • For a band to be reviewed we have to really dig what they’re doing.
  • Our goal here at Infinite Spin Radio is to share the music we respect and love, so not every submission will be played.
  • If the release is mediocre or generic, if we’re not into it, we won’t review it. The upside to you is we won’t publish a negative review.
  • Send professionally completed, produced, finished products or exceptional demos. MAKE SURE YOUR DIGITAL FILES HAVE BAND NAME AND SONG TITLES.

*Just to clarify: we place emphasis on the submissions that demonstrate a significant effort and quality. In order, we will always review vinyl first, then CD, then digital submissions. D.I.Y. efforts are always appreciated.