Interview 1: Natalie de Silver of The Dandelion

Here we sit down with Natalie de Silver, the architect behind Australia’s seminal psychedelic magic known as The Dandelion.

At the forefront in helping propel, if not begin, the revival of 1960s influenced psych music by coming to prominence, some 15 years ago, as the seminal neo-psych outfit, The Dolly Rocker Movement.

Natalie de Silver possesses in spades that intangible ‘it’, that certain quality, that magic variable most strives for while expressing one’s artistic ability.

In the interview we discuss influences, the new album, leaving the past behind to live in the present, shenanigans, records and much more.

Featured in the interview is The Dandelion’s limited edition 3 track 7inch, “Every Other Day.”

So sit back and enjoy the interview. It’s raw, it was 3am CDT and Skype blunders abound.