Episode 106: Circle Logic

Dreamweapon (0:29) – ‘Rites of Lunacy’ – “Rites of Lunacy” (Cardinal Fuzz, Little Cloud Records, 2021) Buy Here The Janitors (5:28) – ‘I See it Now’ – “15 Years of Fuzz and Folköl” (Cardinal Fuzz, Little Cloud Records, 2019) Buy Here Cult of Dom Keller (12:23) – ‘The Snake Keeps Changing’ – “The Second Bardo” […]

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Episode 105: What You Love Will Kill You

The Telescopes (0:28) – ‘We See Magic and We Are Neutral, Unnecessary’ – “Songs of Love And Revolution” (Tapete Records, 2021) More Here A Place To Bury Strangers (4:41) – ‘Leaving Tomorrow’ – “Worship” (Dead Oceans, 2012) Buy Here Kill Your Boyfriend (8:47) – ‘Aileen’ – “Killadelica” (Sister9 Recordings, Little Cloud Records, 2020) Buy Here […]

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Episode 104: Fade Out

The Janitors (0:27) – ‘Blizzard’ – “Horn ur Marken” (Cardinal Fuzz, 2017) Buy Here Loop (5:19) – ‘Fade Out’ – “Fade Out” (Rough Trade, 1988) The Cult of Dom Keller (11:45) – ‘Interlude I/I Hear the Messiah’ – “Ascend!” (Cardinal Fuzz, Little Cloud Records, 2020) More Here Centre el Muusa (17:46) – ‘Buring Lawa’ – […]

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REVIEW: Beauty Hunters – “Animal Magmatism”

Beauty Hunters – “Animal Magmatism”Out on Limited Edition Orange Marble Vinyl through Weird Beard Records. Release “Coming Soon”. Synth based theatrical compositions pulled directly from the main frame of a highly technological research vessel, lost hurling through the far reaches of the galaxy. Beauty Hunters, Mudhoney’s Guy Maddison, Sean Hollowell (Steel Wool) and Curt Buchberger […]

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REVIEW: Los Acidos – “Los Acidos”

Los Acidos – “Los Acidos” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)Out on Limited Gatefold Edition Orange Splatter Vinyl through Necio Records. Official Release Date: 09/18/2020 (Original release date: Self-Release, 2016) El sol de los cítricos está sobre nosotros, ¡deja que brille en tu alma! Los Acidos han manifestado sonidos de ondas radicales que moverán tu cuerpo y pondrán […]

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