REVIEW: Tambourinen – ‘Wooden Flower’

Tambourinen – “Wooden Flower” Official VINYL release: 11/13/2020 on Centripetal Force records on limited black vinyl.  *Originally released on cassette (100 copies) through Avant-Unity Music in May of 2020. Grant Beyschau – drummer for The Myrrors – delivers a pastoral and meandering pathway to the evermore with “Wooden Flower.” Opening with a signature rhythm; Tambourinen will […]

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Episode 91: Pins & Needles

Telstar Sound Drone (0:27) – ‘Through the Back of Your Head’ – “Comedown” (Bad Afro Records, 2013) Mayflower Madame (4:54) – ‘Sacred Core’ – “Prepared For a Nightmare” (Icy Cold, Only Lovers Records, 2020) Buy Here Alien Mustangs (9:24) – ‘Darklands’ – “Beat of the Earth” (Cardinal Fuzz, Little Cloud Records, 2020) Buy Here The […]

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REVIEW: The Janitors – “Noisolation Vol. 1”

The Janitors – “Noisolation Vol. 1”  Official release: 11/13/2020 on Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records on transparent blue vinyl.    A psychedelic journey through the swirling pit of madness solitude births; Vast darkness. Mania riddled vibrational resonance, safe space enveloped in drone, a cure for the sick by way of heavy fuzz and distortion. An eerie rhythmic foundational […]

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Episode 90: Halloween Death Party

Andrew Liles (0:25) -‘Dead Zone’ – “Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches” (Blackest Rainbow Records, 2014) Tales of Murder and Dust (2:01) – ‘Wear Your Skin’ – “Fragile Absolutes” (HPNG Records, 2020) ‘Thunder, Lightening and Rain’ (5:33) – “Chilling, Thrilling, Sounds of The Haunted House” – (Disneyland Recordings, 1964) The Cure (6:03) – ‘The […]

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