Episode 122: Cinematic Simulation

The Underground Youth (0:27) – ‘Escapism/Winter Myth’ – “A Lo-Fi Cinematic Landscape 10″” (Fuzz Club, 2015) Buy Here The Pink Mountaintops (7:09) – ‘Outside Love’ – “Outside Love” (Jagjaguwar, 2009) Goat (12:18) – ‘Your Lucky Night/Man Eaters’ – “Double Date Soundtrack” (Rocket Recordings, 2018) Monster Magnet (19:48) – ‘Goliath and the Vampires/Your Lies Become You’ […]

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Shem- II (Clostridium Records) The German five piece band Shem are back with their 2nd album. Long songs again and starting off with Descension. It has a motorik beat and is quite hypnotic with the same repeated guitar line for quite some time. Side B (Night) starts with a heavier riff but also repetitive with […]


Episode 121: National Drone

The Lay Llamas 0:27() – ‘Coffins On The Tree, A Black Braid On Our Way To Home’ – “Thuban” (Rocket Recordings, 2018) Buy Here Hills (7:22) – ‘National Drone’ – “Frid” (Rocket Recordings, 2015) Buy Here White Hills (14:47) – ‘In Circles Too/Three Quarters’ – “White Hills” (Thrill Jockey, 2010) More Here White Manna (24:36) […]

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Episode 120: The Apocalypse Of…

Aphrodite’s Child (0:28) – ‘All The Seats Were Occupied’ – “666 (The Apocalypse Of John, 13/18)”(Vertigo Records, 1972) ├śresund Space Collective (18:54) – ‘Hieroglyphic Smell’ – “Experiments in the Subconscious” (Space Rock Productions, 2020) Buy Here The Cosmic Dead (32:54) – ‘Inner C’ – “Rainbowhead” (Blackest Rainbow, 2016) The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol […]

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