NOLLA – “NOLLA” (Frosted Clear/Black Splatter Vinyl)


NOLLA – “NOLLA” LP on Frosted Clear/Black Splatter vinyl.
Limited to 250 copies.

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Limited to 250 copies on frosted clear, black splatter vinyl.

Super stoked to be offering the debut album of Finland’s Nolla.
Driving improvised psychedelic space rock jams.

“We’re based in Hameenlinna, about 100km north from Helsinki. Nolla is a relatively new band, though we’re a bunch of old men and have all played music for decades. I played bass in Steel Mammoth and still play in Seremonia, but as both of those bands are more or less on a hiatus I wanted a band that’s a) all local people and b) properly active. And not to mention, plays spacerock!” – bass player Illka Vekka

1. Johdatus
2. Mahakala
3. Merkitys
4. Valaiseva

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Weight 9.31 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × .25 in

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