SATURNIA – “Stranded In The Green” LP (Transparent Green Vinyl)


SATURNIA – “Stranded In The Green” LP
Transparent green 180 gram vinyl with full color insert and
limited to 500 copies!

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  • Releases on March 26th, 2021!
  • Transparent green 180 gram vinyl with full color insert and limited to 500 copies!

Sulatron Records is proud to release the eighth album by this Portuguese cult band!

Multi-instrumentalist Luis Simões founded Saturnia in the mid-90s! The music is mostly made on its own, but every now and then there are guest contributions to be heard, for example by Daevid Allen (Gong), Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and Stefan Koglek (Color Haze). The first 7 albums were released on Stefan Koglek’s Elektrohasch Records.

“Stranded in the Green,” as the name suggests, was taken in the country and between the vines. In the songs mythology, wine, sunlight, untamed wilderness and gentle nature merge into his fascinating psychedelic and space rock.

  • Luis composed and sang all the songs on the album and played the following instruments: guitars, sitar, tampura, bass, bass pedals, organs, gong, synthesizer, rods piano, mellotron, drums and bells.
  • Plus Ana Vitorino: voice in Pan Arrives. And Winga: Djembe in Keep it Long.
  • Recorded between spring 2018 and summer 2020 in Lagoa do Calvo.
  • Mixed by Luis Simões. Mastered by Ricardo Bravo.
  • Cover design by Luis Simões.

The CD edition has 2 more instrumentals than the LP due to the limited playing time of the vinyl.

1. Pan Arrives – 1:17
2. Keep it Long – 7:09
3. Fibonacci Numbers – 4:47
4. Smoking in the Sun – 7:06
5. When I’m High – 3:42
6. Super Natural – 13:58
7. Butterfly Collector – 7:44

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