Shem – “Cold Valley Sessions Vol. 1&2” Limited Edition Hand Numbered (Cassette)


  • Shem – “Cold Valley Sessions Volume(s) 1&2”
  • Limited to 50 hand numbered copies on “Sonic Smoke”
  • Catalog #: ISR-CAS-001

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Officially Releasing on August 26th, 2022

  • Shem – “Cold Valley Sessions Vol. 1&2” ‘High Bias’ Cassette.
  • Limited to 50 hand numbered copies on “Sonic Smoke”

Shem are a collective of musicians from the Southwest of Germany, creating improvised psychedelic rock music. When finally getting back together again after a two-year hiatus, spirits were high and the mood for experimentation was strong – resulting in two fragmentary recordings made during a two-day session of droned out psychedelia at the edge of the forest near the bands hometown of Stuttgart.

While raw, noisy and unhinged at times, these recordings capture the atmosphere and creative spirit of those two days in their very essence: A liberating indulgence in walls of sound and a cathartic rite of collective improvisations. Both sessions have been carefully remastered to clear up the sound and to unearth more details and nuances of each instrument utilized during the recordings.


Side A:

  1. Cold Valley Sessions Volume 1 (38:40)

Side B:

  1. Cold Valley Sessions Volume 2 (42:21)


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