SULA BASSANA – “Shipwrecked” (Orange Black Dust Vinyl) (PRE-ORDER)


SULA BASSANA – “Shipwrecked” LP
On 180g “Orange Black Dust” vinyl. Limited to 500 copies!


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SULA BASSANA – “Shipwrecked” LP
On 180g “Orange Black Dust” vinyl. Limited to 500 copies!It’s that time again: Sula Bassana is once again walking on electronic paths and producing an album in the attitude of electronic krautrock!
After the trance “Kosmonauts” from 2010, another album, which was mostly made on electronic instruments. This time the sound is more clearly influenced by the vintage instruments that have found their way into Sula’s amoeba sound room over the decades.
“Shipwrecked” offers long and short, rhythmically heavy but also completely relaxed, calm pieces. All in all, an elegant flow in which the listener is sucked into and emotionally carried away to the end: The spaceship is stranded on a distant planet and what remains is a lonely astronaut, who luckily has a discman with him to keep this album with him over and over again to listen! In short: this is cosmic music!
All pieces composed and played, as well as recorded, mixed and produced by Sula Bassana / Dave Schmidt. Mastered by Krautrock legend Eroc. The beautiful sci-fi painting is by the Nuremberg painter Frank Lewecke, who also painted the picture on Sula’s album “The Night”.