SUN DIAL – “Mind Control” (Yellow and Black Splatter Vinyl) (PRE-ORDER)


LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE – Align In The Fourth Dimension LP
Turquoise colored 180 Gram Vinyl, limited to 500 copies!


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Founded in 1990 by multi-instrumentalist Gary Ramon, who also plays in tons of other bands / projects and runs his own label with Acme Records. With their debut album “Other Way Out” (1991) they left a neo-psychedelic classic!

Now comes the ultimate edition of their 2012 album “Mind Control” with 2 bonus tracks on LP1. PLUS a complete disc with previously unreleased songs from the same period! And two more songs on the CD version! An extensive, psychedelic masterpiece!
Mind Control is a mixture of psychedelic rock, krautrock and with (quite unconventional) electronic sounds. Produced by “Other Way Out” producer Hugo Chavez-Smith!
2-LP LIMITED to 480 pieces in gatefold cover, with yellow / black splatter, 180 gram vinyl!

Line-up 2012:
Gary Ramon (guitars, vocals, mellotron, mini-moog, arp, hammond organ, drums)
Scorpio (bass guitar, 6-string bass guitar, moog taurus 3 bass pedals)
Conrad Farmer (drums)
Joolie Wood (violin, melodica, flute, bass recorder)
Cleo Ramon (moog source)

Original Album (LP 1):

Mountain Of Fire & Miracles – 9:21
Radiation – 7:38
Burned In – 1:44
Mind Control – 8:53
Last Rays Of The Sun – 3:53
In Every Dream Home A Heartache – 06:29
Bonus tracks compared to first vinyl version:
Seven Pointed Star (short version) – 2:51
World Within You – 4:29

Flashbacks From The Aether (LP 2):
Lost and Found – 4:07
I Can Tell – 6:33
Liquid Gray – 4:00
Seven Pointed Star (full version) – 3:06
Fire From Heaven – 2:42
Mask Of Dawn (part one) – 5:41
Siren Song – 3:18
1018a – 4:03
Radiation (early mix) – 7:39
Mask Of Dawn (part two) – 6:33