(SOLD OUT) SUN DIAL – “Return Journey” LP (Clear Vinyl)


  • SUN DIAL – “Return Journey” LP on Clear Vinyl via Sulatron Records!
  • 180 gram Quality Vinyl made in Germany.
  • Limited to 500 copies.

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  • SUN DIAL – “Return Journey” LP on Clear Vinyl via Sulatron Records and EXLUSIVELY distributed by Infinite Spin Records here in the US!
  • Limited to 500 copies on QUALITY 180g Vinyl and made in Germany!
  • Recorded in 1990/91 and originally released in 1993 on the Acme label.


  • Sun Dial Return Journey rips it up on this mind blowing album filled with rich guitar leads and rocking rhythms. Return Journey is essential in the history of underground psychedelic rock music!
  • Sun Dial Return Journey sounds contemporary with thick fuzz tones, distorted riffs and 90’s influences, however it is a rare vintage piece of psychedelic rock history. Recorded in the early 1990’s, it was ultimately shelved by the original label and later self-released. This rare album reissued on Sultatron Records in Germany Early April 2019 on 180 gram clear vinyl with the original artwork, original recordings, original mix and master limited to 500 copies!  Will you choose wisely? – The Psych Rock


  • Sun Dial were founded in 1990 by multi-instrumentalist Gary Ramon who also plays in several other bands and projects (Quad and Strobe to name 2). He also runs the well known Acme-Records label.


1. Magic Potion
2. North Eastern
3. Fireball
4. Through You
5. U.V.
6. Sunstroke
7. Mind Train
8. Slow Motion

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