TERRAPIN GUN – “Relax Your Mind” LP


  • TERRAPIN GUN – “Relax Your Mind” LP.
  • Limited to 125 hand numbered copies.
  • 50 on Coke Bottle Green
  • 50 on Transparent Red
  • 25 on Blood in the Water Swirl


Officially Releasing on June 3rd, 2022

  • TERRAPIN GUN – “Relax Your Mind” LP.
  • Limited to 125 copies.
    • 25 “Blood In The Water” Swirl
    • 50 Transparent Red
    • 50 Coke Bottle Green

While the Terrapin Gun are a New York and Boston-based duo, their sounds are distinctly West Coast. It’s no mistake that they name check Beachwood Sparks on the album’s standout track “Postcards From L.A.” For the most part, this 12-song collection has a distinct acoustic blues, country-tinged vibe that brings to mind the Brian Jonestown Massacres more damaged moments (think Thank God For Mental Illness and Bringing It All Back Home (Again), Skip Spence, and maybe a touch of Gram Parsons.
— Ben Vendetta (Vendetta Magazine)


Side A:
1. Brookside Green
2. Red Light Eyes
3. Who’s Got The Truth
4. Right On Baby
5. Green Fields

Side B:
6. Would You Believe?
7. Well Runs Dry
8. Out In The Rain
9. Back Bay Jamboree
10. 13 Years
11. Bring Me Love
12. Postcards From L.A.


Additional information

Weight 9.31 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × .25 in

Coke Bottle, Transparent Red, Splatter


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